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Cave Focolaccia srl is directly involved into the quarrying, fabrication and trading of the marbles coming out from its own quarry “Cava Piastramarina”, located by the Focolaccia Pass, in the Monte Cavallo basin. It’s the quarry with the highest elevation 1.700 mt ( 5,490 ft) above sea level in the heart of Apuan Alps. 


The company has always focused on a high quality work for its materials, everyday recognized more and more for their peculiarity and beauty: Bianco P, Acquabianca, Bianco Piastramarina and Bardiglio.

Starting from March 2023 we will add to our catalogue the materials coming from the famous CAVA COLTELLI, located a few meters below the extraction site of the Focolaccia, at over 1400 meters above sea level.


The quarry has been working since the early 1920s and produces a light colour veined material similar to Venato and Bardiglio nuvolato. As you descend towards the ravaneto, the material becomes more homogeneous, similar to our famous white , Bianco Piastramarina.

Available in Blocks, Slabs, Tiles and Cut to Size our materials are now used more often for the most prestigious projects around the world.







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